Aura Angel Art Sessions

Aura Angel Art Sessions

These sessions are truly magical, restorative retreats that are a blessing to your creative soul self. Let me tell you all about them …

Imagine knowing, with certainty, the details and colours of your own aura. Imagine the magic of that, the comfort of that, the power of knowing yourself in so much detail.

Working with me. you will get to know all of these precious details.

Imagine also knowing all about your soul’s footprint – the age of your soul, how long it has been here on earth.

These delicious details can be available to you too.

Imagine then taking all of that wonderfully personal and inspirational information, and using it to create your very own Aura Angel mixed media canvas art.

This art work will sing directly to your very soul and will be the most treasured piece in your collection.

Let me tell you even more about it …

We’ll get together in my art space one afternoon. We’ll begin with tea and biscuits (or coffee if you prefer) and I’ll get to know you a little bit.

I’ll connect with you and your energy, with the help of my Angelic Guide, and take a peek at your aura and soul footprint. I’ll share some of that with you during our session and then we’ll begin to paint!

We’ll work intuitively, playfully and with hearts full of fun. We’ll use lots of different materials in our session – taking whatever calls to us at the time.

We’ll create side by side, step by step. I’ll demonstrate the different stages, and you can follow me or go your own way. The choice is yours.

We’ll chat and laugh and share so much in this wonderful session.

We’ll be art buddies for the afternoon!

More than that, you will have given your soul self a chance to shine and grow. You’ll dream while you doodle. Ponder while you paint. And you’ll leave the session inspired, relaxed and with your creative soul feeling fulfilled.

The outcome will be completely unique – you’ll take away with you not one but two whimsical angels depicting your aura and soul footprint (yours and mine).

You’ll also take away with you a special and unique experience that you’ll want to share with friends and family.

I really hope you’ll join me for an Aura Angel Art Session – I’d love to work with you on this.

How do you get to experience this wonderful art-venture?

Simply click the button below to pay via Paypal. I will then be in touch via email (using your Paypal email address) to book in your personal slot.

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Sessions cost £97 (Approx $127)

Aura Angel Art Sessions Testimonials

Just a few testimonials from the lovely ladies I’ve worked with so far. They’ve allowed their soul’s to soar in a session with me already. Perhaps you can be next? :)

Aura Angel Art Sessions Aura Angel Art Sessions

Aura Angel Art Sessions

Custom Aura Angel Art

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