Still ongoing…..

Positive, positive, positive…….. Still onging ….
That’s the way I am thinking. Onwards and upwards.
Thought for the day: “A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a person perfected without trials.” Chinese proverb.
I am re-reading the book to check my methods so far.
I have my vision board and cheque from the bank of the universe on my wall. I also have a book full of ideas and inspiration (including my goals and aspirations) which I look at fairly often. Although maybe I need to look at it more.
Hmm…… from now on I will carry the book with me always to look at.
I must also set aside more time for visualisation techniques…….
I am STILL full of flu by the way – which I am sure is getting in the way.
As usual, any thoughts or words of encouragement will be gratefully recieved.


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