My vision Board.

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OK – so here are the things on my vision board at the moment:
A new car
My own home….
With a roaring open fire.
I have also made out a cheque to me from the universe for £150,000 – that’s how much money I will need to clear my debts (including my mortgage) and start a fresh up North. At the moment I am only able to rent a place and that is shared with two other people.
Now the secret says to imagine and act like you already have the things you want and need. That I need to spend a little time each day visualising the things on my vision board – but really visualizing. So that they seem very real to me.
I have been doing that, and I have been carrying my secret book with inspirational quotes in and also my vision board ideas in. The idea is – every time I have some time to read it/add to it it refocuses my mind. But even just seeing it there in my bag sets me off thinking about it all. In this way I will hopefully be thinking about it all enough for it to work.
Quote for the day is “If you can see it in your mind, you’re going to hold it in your hand.”
Any thoughts/encouragement gratefully recieved.


2 thoughts on “My vision Board.

  1. ooooooh i just love the fireplace and the house, I can’t drive ….. always dream my friend. I know you can accomplish everything you set your mind to.

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