OK – back on topic

I felt inspired to respond to the green behaviour blog I have signed up to recently to post about the weekly Wednesday challenge.
Back to the topic though – I am still keeping up with the secret ideas at the moment. No monetary progress so far though.
I was reading in a magazine some tips for a happy life which suggested I should meditate on key quotes for an hour per day. AN HOUR PER DAY. I really can’t imagine how I could fit that in…. should I spend that amount of time devoted to this? I want it to work – I believe in the absolute simplicity of it – but I couldn’t possibly devote all of that time. It made me concerned that I may need to give it more thought and more time in order to achieve anything.
Hmm….. anyway.
“Your current thoughts create your future life.”
So, I must focus on the positive and what is important to me and behave as though I am alrwady where I want to be.
My future – the future I want to have – shows me having a house of my own, living happily within my means, being healthy, happy and more spiritual.
So, if I believe I have achieved all of that already then I will be on the path to recieving those things.
I have to “see myself living in abundance and I will attract it.”
Any thoughts/encouragement gratefully recieved…..


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