more inspiration…..

I can’t quite believe it – coincidence or not? You decide. It is certainly more inspiration …
I have been logging into this site to the page I saved as my favourites page – which happens to be the page where you invite people to advertise on your blog. I have been quietly ignoring that until yesterday.
I set it up with ads – then when I read one it directed me to a website which offers a course to help you develop your understanding of the secret and how to use it.
I have since signed up to the site and printed off this weeks lesson and am halfway through reading it. Very helpful stuff.
I also ordered a demo of Holosync – a CD to help with meditation and visualisation. I am very hopeful they will give me the focus I need in order to achieve my goals.
I can’t believe I have ignored this opportunity to access these extra resources!!
I spent some time visualising last night – my key goal being to achieve financial stability. I really focussed on how much money I would need and thought about ways to get it. “how can I achieve this” rather than “I’ll never manabge that.”
I have some ideas of things that could develop into this amount of money. I just need to keep my focus and follow the direction that takes me in.
As usual, any comments/encouragement gratefully recieved.


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