Secret Shifters

Today I am thinking about some things I can use to help me achieve what I want to in life. My secret shifters.
Things that automatically make me happy and therefore more receptive to the right vibrations for recieving the correct things.
So, my biggest and best secret shifters are:
MY CATS – they are so cute and make me so happy. They also give me a lot of love and make me feel a lot of love also. “The feeling of love is the highest frequency you can emit.” I always have the cats with me at bedtime and always give them some fuss just before I start to visualise my goals. That way I am vibrating on the best possible frequency to recieve.
FRIENDS – especially Dawn and little Hannah. I again love them so much they get me vibrating at the right frequency right away.
Music – cheesier the better sometimes. Also, classical music. It depends how I am feeling I guess. It can totally lift my mood and energise me.
I am carrying on with the visualisation and the morning thanks – as usual any encouragement/comments gratefully recieved.


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