another inspiring evening

I went to a different spiritualist church tonight than the one I used to go to. I was another inspired evening. And lo and behold the medium started to talk about sending out positive thoughts and vibrations in order to recieve postitive things. Then he talked of the law of attraction and the importance of spending some time every day tapping into your spiritual vibes in order to make the day go more smoothly and for you to be more successful in your endeavours.
I feel I have let things go a little this week in terms of making time to visualise and meditate on my positive vibrations. I have been so busy and so tired I have found it difficult to really. I need to start again with this much more earnestly. It’s not that I haven’t been doing it at all, I just haven’t been doing it with as much conviction or concentration as before. I haven’t been devoting the right amount of time to the ideas.
I was reading an article last night which talks of reaching for the stars which states ” you constantly have the opportunity to be more and have more.” It talks of allowing your positive emotions now effect your future self. It talks of banishing negative feelings and trying to turn them on their heads if you can. Even if this requires you to really analyse those negative feelings to discover their root cause, dealing with /forgiving yourself for thise feelings then moving on to more positive outlooks that is what you need to do.
You should then state clearly what you want to recieve and believe you have already recieved it: live your life as though you are already there. Therefore you will give of the right vibration to recieve what you desire according to the laws of attraction. Be grateful for what you have now and watch out for signs. instincts and nudges which could set you on your path more successfully.
Any thoughts/encouragement gratefully recieved.


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