lots of inspiration, not so much time

I managed to fit in 5 minutes of visualizing today – in my car waiting for my sister. Lots of inspiration, not so much time …
I typically do my visualisation stuff before bed, but I have been so tired lately it’s all I can do to read something never mind really focussing and concentrating on something. I really need to focus myself once more as I really want this to work.
I had gotten into a good routine before, but since I had the flu and then got back to work and had to catch up with everything it has all gone by the wayside. I MUST make time again though. I cannot stress enough how important this is to me.
I read an article/conversation with Joe Vitale last week which had some excellent inspirational quotes in it.
“Happiness and being at peace is fundamentally a choice.” He also talks about how no matter what you may want in life – whatever goals you may set – the important thing is to be happy in the now. When you are, that makes your vibration higher and more powerful to the universe. You will therefore be more likely to recieve what you set out to achieve.
He also says “The point of power is right now.” So what you do and feel right now is what will shape your future. Whatever you are planning to achieve “do it from a place of peace and safety and security.”
His three step process is as follows: “Be happy now, choose what you’d like to experience next, start working towards it.”
It is also good to have it written down that work is involved in this process – these things won’t necessarily fall into my lap. I will have to work towards them with more than visualisation.
Any thoughts/encouragement gratefully recieved….


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  1. it’s very interesting and good that you’re forging ahead and sticking to your plan….me the only writing i am good at is fictional, so that’s my goal, to publish two, three…more! whoohoo…bless u kitty

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