doing better this week – much better!

I have managed to make much more time for the visualising and other things this week – doing better this week. I have read new articles from the website I signed up for, made some more progress setting myself goals and have spent some time filling in more ideas in my special secret book.

I was looking at what things I am thankful for – it is thought that if you ask for something from a place of peace and happiness you are more likely to recieve it.

I had a list of 4 things from when I initially started this whole process: now I have 12. DEFINITE progress there!!

Things I am thankful for include:

Family, friends, my lovely kitties, my job, being so connected with people again, having little hannah.

It is lovely to see the list growing so much. I can only assume that the more I keep this up the longer the list will become.

“The point of power is right now” therefore I need to act now to achieve what I want.

I am also planning to do some serious charity work over the next year – more details to follow.

“You have to give in order to recieve”.


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