Have had a very good christmas myself – I hope you all have had a nice break celebrating in whichever way you normally do. My family celebrates by eating far too much it seems!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!!
Had a lovely time though. Lots of lovely presents given and recieved too which is wonderful. I am just sitting at home now wondering about when I am going to clean up the house. It is a total tip to be honest but hey ho. I will cheerfully ignore it as i have visitors today.
Lovely beef casserole on the go in the slow cooker, plenty of coffee to drink and mince pies in the cupboard. All is right with the world.
Anyhoo – the secret. I was watching my Eddie Izzard DVD last night (christmas pressie from my sis – thank you!!) and there were trailers for his autobiography/film type of thing. BELIEVE.
A quote from the trailer which seems to be true was “In order to be a comedian you have to believe you are a comedian. In order to be an astronaut you have to believe you are an astronaut.” In order to achieve you must believe. That is the secret and it’s teachings.
In the book it says the secret is something which sucessful people already know about: this would seem to be a case in point. Another of his quotes which i like is “One life: live it.” (which is off a landrover in fact). But it is so true.
I have had a few weeks where things have been quite difficult for me. In particular for the past few days I have been feeling very moody. VERY moody. I have found myself thinking through past events which were very painful for me, which I am not sure why I am revisiting. I have tried to allow myself to revisit these things and not worry that they would drag me down into feeling depressed. After all, I simply need to give the merry go round a little push and watch the depression go by. I don’t have to allow it to stay as I have done in the past.
It is dififcult though. Sometimes it really worries me. I try not to let it.
I am looking forward into 2010 with real resolve and great hope: I believe I will be sucessful in my aims and goals. Therefore I will be.


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