Some more interesting secret-related questions

I have been doing some more reading on the teachings of The Secret from the series of talks on Bill Harris’ website. The one I am currently reading is the one with Katie Byron. Some interesting things come out of this – her idea or formula for rethinking her life is called The Work. I am happy to have found some more interesting secret-related questions. As part of this she asked herself (and now asks others) 4 questions:
1.  “Is it true?”
2. “Can you absolutely know it’s true?”
3. “How do you react when you believe that thought?”
4. “Who would you be without that thought?”
She asks people to focus in on negative thoughts with these questions. So then for me – a negative thought I have would be:
“I am a mess – financially, physically and emotionally.”
Is it true? In some respects yes it is. I have a lot of financial commitments and don’t earn as much as I did. I am overweight and have no real faith in finding a relationship.
Can you absolutely know it’s true? I don’t believe this is true to the extent where I can’t do anything about it. I believe I can achieve all that I want to. I believe that my plans for this year will come to fruition and that they will address all of the above issues in one go. I really believe that. I can see, feel and smell the outcome already. I know it is within my graps and that I am capable of achieving it.
3. “How do you react when you believe that thought?” It makes me upset, lacking in energy, it makes me feel useless. It is like a lead weight aroung my ankles. It is a sufficating and stifling belief.
4. “Who would you be without that thought?” I would be the person I want to be. I would be me – the real me. The real me is already without that thought. I am the real me. I can create my own landscape. My own reality.
Bill Harris talks in the article about his “Nine Principles for Conscious Living” and the first principle is Let Whatever Happens Be Okay. Which is a kind of self acceptance and an acceptance of the circumstances you are in. Not blaming others or wallowing in something bad, but rather seeing setbacks as challanges.
 Another one of the principles is that The Map Is Not The Territory. In other words, people believe, the way you describe it, people believe their thoughts. They think that their thoughts and their conceptualization of who they are and what the world is, is the way the world should be, is reality, and that’s not true.
I can create my own map and therefore my own territory. Thought for the day!


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