32 things I want to achieve by the time I am 32

Again inspired by Yes and Yes – 32 things I want to achieve by the time I am 32
  1. Training for my running adventure
  2. Planning for my running adventure
  3. Securing publicity and sponsorship for my running adventure
  4. Completing my running adventure and raising money for charity
  5. Publishing a book
  6. Buying my own house
  7. Gaining financial stability
  8. Buying a new car
  9. Becoming more spiritual and aware
  10. Training to be a counsellor
  11. Volunteering as a counsellor
  12. Producing excellent portraiture
  13. Becoming more confident with colour matching
  14. Having a holiday in spain (art holiday)
  15. Visiting friends I haven’t seen for a while
  16. Continuing with my work on The Secret
  17. Learning to do a good manicure
  18. Increasing my fitness levels
  19. Inventing my own style darling!
  20. Making more and more friends
  21. Eating a healthy diet
  22. Happiness – you can never have too much of that!
  23. Being healthy
  24. Learning Sign Language (course starts in January)
  25. Revisiting my spanish – and becoming fluent
  26. Attracting abundance in everything I do
  27. Being the best version of me I can be
  28. Doing something daring – taking a risk
  29. Being more impulsive
  30. Keeping in touch with friends more regularly
  31. Being more supportive of my family
  32. Attaining wisdom!!
How about you?


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