the thorny issue of money

One of the things which seems to strive to stop me from thinking positively is the thorny issue of money – or really the lack of it in my life.
I have recently gone from earning nearly £30,000 a year to earning £14,500 per year. I am now in a job I enjoy and am able to have a life outside of it (all of which were essential aspects for me). This new job has given me time and space to pursue my artistic leanings via an art class and also to start writing (which is something I have stop-started over for many years now).
I am HAPPY with my job. I still however have all of the debts from when I earned so much more: I have a mortgage, a loan and credit cards to pay off. No matter what I do I can’t seem to make my money stretch. I have worked out several budgets and am reasonably organised but it is very difficult.
Things are changing for me – I now share my house with two others not one, so the money is split more ways, which is good. I have worked out a budget for that which should work out really well. But then Christmas just happened: I got paid a week early, direct debits went astray, I had to move house and then on top of all that: BANK CHARGES. This kind of thing will see me limping a little through probably the next two months.
I have advertised my services as both a private music teacher and as a babysitter to make some money. I have had some success with these things. I feel I am truly doing everything I can do practically.
I am concerned that my worries about money are merely attracting more worries. According to the secret I should act as though I can afford everything and then the universe will set about making it all happen for me. It’s not for me to worry about how the money will come to me. I just have to let it happen. Ask, believe and recieve. This can sometimes seem difficult almost to the point of ridiculous.
I need to let go of the idea that I can only attain wealth via my job. Step one.
I mustn’t set my goal as “getting out of debt” – this will put me on the debt frequency.  I will ATTRACT DEBT!!! Step two.
I need to replace “I can’t afford it” with ” I can afford it.” When I see something I want I need to say to myself “I can afford that”. I CAN. Step three.
So – the challenge then:
For the next 30 Days I will constantly feel and say “I can afford that” to anything I want.
I will make that my mantra. (World peace may have to wait a little – sorry this may seem selfish).
I am sending out this request to the universe:
“Within the next 30 days I would like to recieve £25,000 worth of unexpected income.”
Ask, believe, recieve………..
Any thoughts peeps?


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