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Get Involved at ACLC
Hey there! I hope all is well with you in your little corner of the world and the blogosphere!
I wanted to write this post just to make sure you lovely readers know all about the different ways you too can get involved here on ACLC.

Join my Community

I have a wonderful Curious Community here on my blog. I’d love you to join us, either via GFC or Bloglovin‘ – whatever suits best. You can find the links over on the sidebar. My community is a place for me to share ideas and my latest posts with lots of lovely friends.

Make Friends!

I am an active member of BBN, Creative Connections, Ravelry, BlogLovin, Her Network. Feel free to friend me in any of these lovely places :)

Places to keep up with all things ACLC.

I have active Facebook and Google + pages. I also Tweet regularly with extra sneak peeks about all things curious. And as for Pinterest – I want to pin ALL the things :)

Sign up for my Curious Newsletter.

At the very top of this page you can sign up for my Curious Newsletter. This is a monthly (ish) newsletter filled with inspiring links, lovely things and freebies. I have been know to give away the HTML code for two whole blog pages, mini ebooks and exclusive discount codes!

Secrets of Etsy Success Series.

This is a popular series here on ACLC. I interview some lovely Etsy sellers to find out their goals, aspirations, secrets and tips for success. Shoot me an email if you like to be interviewed too :) sarahleonardwriting(at)gmail(dot)com

Shop Curiously.

I of course have my Curious Store. It is filled to the brim with curious goodies such as jewellery, art prints and lots of other goodies. Have a browse, friend/favourite and maybe make a purchase!


I have recently revamped my sponsor spots. I now have one type of ad: Curious!! Take a look at my sponsor info here. You will find my rates very low and also the amount of coverage I provide to sponsors very good value for money. I love my lovely sponsors!

Curious Creatives Interview Series.

This is a brand new series on ACLC – basically I will be interviewing creative souls about their art, their creativity and their inspiration. It’s going to be awesome :) Get in touch at sarahleonardwriting(at)gmail(dot)com if you’d like to get involved.

Find Your Artistic Tribe.

I have spent some time recently organising two gorgeous leagues for artists to join. They are free, an extra space to showcase your work and totally just for fun If you’d like to check them out feel free! These are totally free and I created them because I thought the idea of us all creating our own artistic movement would be awesome (maybe we’ll make it into the art history books some day, like the Pre-Raphaelites or something!).

Join The Curious Artists Community Facebook Group.

Another free resource lovelies! A place to network, share ideas and grab some lovely freebies from me :) Head over here to get signed up!

So, why not get yourself involved? Have a great day people :)



ps. if you want to invite a little bit of magic and creativity into your life each month why not become a patron? i post lots of gorgeous goodies there :)

pps. if you want to work more deeply with me and unleash your inner creative magic then the sisterhood would be perfect for you.

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