Inspire: Finding Inspiration

Inspire: Finding Inspiration
Hey there lovely people and Happy Monday to you! I hope you are having a fantastic day, wherever in the world you may be.
It’s that time of the week once more – when we aim to inspire and uplift. This week I wanted to share with you an exclusive sneak peek blog post from my newest venture – The Curiously Gorgeous Sisterhood. This is one of my recent blog posts from the site, which also links to an exclusive podcast from the sisterhood too.
Today, I’m giving you access to these as a little taste of what’s on offer over there. Also, I really wanted to share with you some of the sources of  inspiration I have shared over there. I really hope you enjoy this post and this little peak :)
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Live Curiously, Try New Things And Reach For The Stars!
Being a curious kind of soul, this really appealed to me. This idea of living curiously. Now, I happen to have a whole EBook in the pipeline (which will be added to the CGS website once it is ready!) entitled “Living Curiously”. For now, let me outline what this might mean to me.
Living curiously is a mind set which allows the everyday, the mundane, the ritual to become much, much more. Living curiously is all about living with your heart and your eyes and your arms wide open to the world and it’s wonders. It’s about being open to new ideas, new experiences and new horizons. Whoever you are, and wherever you may be on your journey.
Be Authentically You.
Take a look at other people who inspire you by all means. Learn from them. Grow. But keep in mind that you are can only be yourself. You can be the most fantastic version of you the world has ever seen! But trying to be a version of someone else? That’s not going to happen I’m afraid lovely. That will never be as successful as being you can be. Fall in love with what you do and what you have to offer to the world. Fall in love with your own soul and your own inner well of inspiration and communicate that to the world at large. I promise you, the world will respond.
Look For Inspiration From Other Artists and Connecting With Other Creatives.
Inspiration is everywhere around us. There are creative groups such as Willowing and of course the gorgeous Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz and Life Academy. All of these resources are available (and more!) for us to connect, share and be inspired. So, don’t be afraid to get yourself out there and share, share, share! I also find Kelly Rae Roberts and her amazing EBook Flying Lessons to be an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to set up their own biz selling their creative goodies. For a list of all of the bloghops I frequently link up to and get tons of inspiration from other artists head over to my parties page on ACLC. I also took part in a course called Facecinating Girls by Andrea Gomoll. Highly recommended and very affordable.
Be inspired by others, but don’t be intimidated by them. Comparisons of your soul’s work with another person’s soul work are not at all helpful to anyone. Least of all you. Your soul’s mission and purpose is uniquely yours. There’s no way to adequately compare it to anyone elses.
Get Inspired By Life!

Get out of your bubble! Head outside/inside (whichever place you don’t normally go to) and seek  out the little things. Set yourself a challenge that might fit with your lifestyle but that will also inspire and uplift you. Something that’s truly yours, and truly for you. Examples of ways to be inspired by life include:

·    Set yourself a photo challenge (with your phone camera if you like – it doesn’t have to get all technical). How about a sunset a week for 52 weeks? Or a sunrise a week (if you’re a morning person), or even a photo of your shoes each day for a month, or your back garden, or your jewellery or anything that will have you consciously looking at the little things in life in an inspired way.

·    Set yourself a spotting things challenge. Whenever you’re out and about you could look for hearts or circles wherever you go, making a mental (or physical note in a notebook/on a camera) whenever you see them.

·    Choose to meditate for a minute each day, focusing on something you want to be inspired about.

·    Create mood boards (either digitally or physically) about your intended source of inspiration.

Self Care And Love = Increased Inspiration.
Learn to look after yourself and allow yourself some breathing space if you need it. Give yourself time off, and set aside time to be creative. This will actually increase your productivity. Even though you’re taking time off. You will be thankful for this time. Your creative heart and soul will be much more geared up to respond.
I hope this post has given you things to think about, resources to explore and above all oodles of love and encouragement to go out there and live the inspired life you long for in a way that feels right to you. In a way that sets your soul on fire and makes your heart soar. Don’t forget to check out the podcast that goes with this post for even more ideas and inspiration. (Just click on the pic below to get access to the file).
Inspiration Podcast
Also, here’s the free printable for today’s post. Just another little extra to help support you become the inspired and wonderful soul you were born to be.
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Have a great day people!

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