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hey there lovelies and a very happy wednesday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you some wednesday wonders – lovely links from around the web with you.
i love when i find new and useful wonderful things online that we can all benefit from.
so here’s my little round up of some of my favourite finds lately. enjoy!
first up, an oldie but a goodie. have you ever heard of etsy on sale? it is a brilliant little tool that allows you to put your entire etsy shop on special offer for a special sale without having to bother customers with discount codes to remember. it also means you don’t have to edit each listing individually (which would take ages!) for a small fee (and it is small) this app will let you reduce all of your listings, certain sections, or certain listings for a set period of time (such as black friday/cyber monday). i used it for the first time last christmas and will use it again this year too! i love the black friday weekend sale in my store – it’s awesome!
my next find is a new one – it’s an ecourse site called fedora. it allows you to open up a virtual classroom for your ecourses and it’s absolutely free! i’ve heard some good things from others who use it and i’m considering trying it for some of my ecourses. have you had any experiences with it yourselves? i definitely want to give it a go.
if you are an etsy seller too, don’t miss out on handmadeology’s shop etsy for the holidays campaign. i’ve signed up, as i think it is an awesome opportunity for us to band together for more exposure and hopefully better etsy sales and a merrier christmas for everyone.
i found this blog this week. i was searching for a solution to my links problem here on the blog. for a while now i have had the problem that some of the links i post are highlighted in a different colour, but others weren’t. which was annoying! i had people asking me on facebook where the links were! anyhoo, i followed a CSS tutorial on this blog and had the problem fixed in no time! there are so many tutorials too, there’s bound to be a fix for almost anything!
you know my fancy new stop motion video tutorial with the added sparkles? the one i posted last week on freebie friday? well, here’s the video editor i used to make it! i can highly recommend it – so easy to use and very straight forward.
hope these are helpful to you!
what links are you loving this week?
have a great day lovelies!

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  1. I’ve used Etsy on Sale in the past, but I haven’t thought about sales yet this year! It doesn’t seem real that November is almost half over. I also signed up for the Handmadeology promo and have been promoting it. =)

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