the global talent search 2015 – my entry

hey there lovelies and a very happy friday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you some details about the global talent search 2015 – my entry :)

today is the deadline for entries to the first round, so i think i am safe to share with you my entry and the process behind it ;)

the brief for the first round was to create a design that could be put onto a pair of sneakers (trainers to those of us in the uk – typing sneakers feels a bit odd!) for a lovely lady living in new york. she loves peonies, swirly serif fonts and all things vintage.

let me take you through the step by step of how i created my design and a little of my thought processes too. i hope you enjoy this sneak peek :)

the global talent search 2015 - my entry

i began with a sketch of a gorgeous whimsical girl. i knew i wanted her to have a lovely dress with petticoats for a vintage feel (and because the lady i am designing for loves vintage dresses).

the global talent search 2015 - my entry

i also noticed from the brief that my lady liked gold things – so i couldn’t resist using my golden cosmic shimmer paint for her hair and a few accents here and there.

the global talent search 2015 - my entry

so excited was i that i forgot to take photos at each stage (oops!) but here you can see i have added in some collaged vintage book pages, and some lovely blue watercolours (another favourite colour according to the brief!) to her dress.

the global talent search 2015 - my entry

i’ve added some details here with metallic pens, acrylic paint pens and liquid pearls and some shading with my graphite and a blending stump. i have been so careful to be neat with this girl and haven’t gone over the lines at all (which is so not me!) i knew that i wanted to scan her and make her transparent and the plain white background would make that super easy.

the global talent search 2015 - my entry

next i turned my attention to the other images i wanted to include. first up, a cute penny farthing sketch!

the global talent search 2015 - my entry

then a couple of peonies to colour and add in.

once i had all of these elements coloured and dried i was ready to scan them in and head over to illustrator to put my full design together. before that could happen thought, i scanned everything in paint at 300dpi then cropped and made them transparent in photoshop. i have half a mind that i could do all of that in illustrator but hey ho. the job got done!

the global talent search 2015 - my entry

i began by assembling all of the elements i wanted to include in the design on a nice creamy coloured background (another key feature of the brief!) as you can see, my semaphore kitties are making a star appearance in this piece! i found a gorgeous cycling quote that i knew i wanted to include in my design too:

“all creatures who have ever walked have wished they might fly.” karl kron

the global talent search 2015 - my entry

here’s another action shot. as you can see i have combined the dress with some of the peonies and the penny farthing has it’s own collection of flowers for company. the semaphore kitties complete the quote nicely, don’t you think?!


and here’s the finished design! i am super happy with how it turned out, and i am crossing all of my available digits in the hopes of making it through to the next round.

i hope you enjoyed this sneak peek behind the scenes of my process. i have really enjoyed sharing the steps of this design with you for sure. head on over to lila’s blog to see the designs submitted by so many talented artists – i can’t wait to have a good look once they’re all uploaded – the official deadline is 5pm british time today!

have a fantastic friday people and a wonderful weekend!


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