new art prints to delight you!

hey there lovelies and a very happy thursday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you some brand new art prints to delight you!

i have been working hard on these over the summer, but hadn’t had time to get them listed! here they are at last.

i am busy framing up the originals too to go on sale in local cafe galleries.

let me share some of my faves with you here – there are 10 new prints altogether. lots of lovely christmas ones too, for all you early shoppers :)

new art prints to delight you!

my whimsical blue haired girl. she’s beautiful in blue and full of detail and delight! I LOVE HER! she has such a faraway look, and i love all the collaged detail in her hair especially. she would be a wonderful uplifting piece of art for any home. you can purchase her right here.

new art prints to delight you!

the goddess aphrodite is full of happiness, charm and love. she is confident, she is allied with nature, and she has flowing red locks. the perfect art for redheads anywhere! you can find her right here.

new art prints to delight you!

flying high up in the sky, this whimsical lovely is full of fun. look at her smiling eyes and her butterfly companions – she is super cute! i love her green dress too, with a little lacey detail. you can find her right here.

new art prints to delight you!

this is one of my favourite ever ladies. i love her so much! she is my angel of compassion, and she encourages unconditional love for all. i love her pastel pink shades, her detailed wings, her calm and caring face. love! you can grab her here.

new art prints to delight you!

and finally, a christmassy print for you. lets all remember to stay merry and bright as we head towards the holiday season. she is a gorgeous angelic pixie, full of christmas spirit. you can grab hold of her right here.

i hope you enjoyed this peek at my newest prints – i enjoyed sharing them with you. the christmas one will also be available as a christmas card very soon (along with 3 other new christmas designs). keep your eye on the christmas section of my shop to make sure you don’t miss them!

have a fantastic day lovelies!


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