on spirituality seeking

hey there lovelies and a very happy wednesday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to talk to you a little on spirituality seeking.

spirituality has pretty much always been a big part of my life to be honest. i haven’t always been sure of which direction to take, but i have always believed that there was more to life than what we can physically see and touch.
when i was younger, i was (quite naturally) taken along to my local church and joined in with sunday schools, the girls brigade and other activities the church had to offer youngsters. i didn’t dwell too much on it as a young girl  don’t think – i just took it all on face value and took it in my stride.
on spirituality seeking
as a teenager i reconnected with the church (after a gap of around 5 years) and began to attend local bible study events and received some gorgeous and loving guidance from the older members of the church community. these were really good times for me, as i found myself being more spiritual (praying every day, discovering scriptures full of inspiration and kindness) and i loved that feeling.
it didn’t last for long though. as i moved on to college i found the rules of the church stifling, and felt a huge disconnect between my own views on things like sexuality and human rights and the church and their stance. i was sad to leave it behind, but i just just couldn’t make it fit with my life any more. i tried a few times to resurrect my relationship with prayer but it just couldn’t be sustained. i drifted away from spirituality altogether.
i didn’t return to anything spiritual at all until i was in my late twenties. i began to experiment with Angel cards and attended a local spiritualist church for a while. i found it fascinating to see the messages being delivered there from the other side, but again these weren’t things i felt truly fitted with me. they drifted by the wayside and i was still looking for the thing that was for me.
It’s only now that I am well into my thirties that I feel I have discovered the path I was born to take. It’s funny really that it didn’t happen more quickly. All of the signs were there, but I just kept on ignoring them.
i loved to watch tv/films, to read books about witches and witchcraft. i have spent in fact a huge part of my adult life literally lapping up all things magic, supernatural and wicca. it was only this year that i wondered if there might be more to my interest than just entertainment.
i bought some books on wicca and began to read through them. SO much immediately sang to me and made absolute sense. monthly moon rituals which honour the earth and it’s gifts? yes! a real reverence for the wheel of the year and the transition of seasons? yes! no set church or rules (other than “and it harm none, do what ye will”)? yes!
i feel genuinely empowered by these discoveries and i feel in charge of my destiny and my soul in a way i never really have before. i have recently taken part in my first candle ritual and i could feel the powerful connection with generations of wisdom as i did so.
so, what am I trying to say about spirituality seeking? i guess the main thing is – don’t be afraid to try new things. they might be right for you, they might not. if not, move on with love. if they are – you are home! you have found your spiritual self.
don’t dismiss the things that might have been whispering to you for years though – even if they seem unlikely or silly even. there may be a golden opportunity waiting for you right there in front of your eyes.

have a great day lovelies!

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2 thoughts on “on spirituality seeking

  1. I feel like it can be very difficult to break away from the things we’re raised with, even if, as you say, the signs were there all along. Congrats on finding your path!

    1. That is very true. A lot of what I knew about witches from growing up was pretty negative so I was surprised to find out it was so different in fact when it came to wicca :)

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