wonderful students and wonderful art

hey there lovelies and a very happy friday to you, wherever you may be. today i want to share with you some wonderful students and wonderful art.

i so love it when i release a new ecourse into the world and begin to see students responding to the prompts and adding their own take on the lessons i’ve created. it’s the most fantastic feeling!

with that in mind i wanted to share with you some of the fantastic responses we have had on our mixed media mythology course.

these examples come from our very talented student laura, who you can read more about right here.

wonderful students and wonderful art

these two pieces are both a version of the goddess eireen. on the left is the teacher lucy’s original and laura’s version is on the right. aren’t they both fabulous? the colours and the faraway look on both goddesses faces are just sublime don’t you think?

wonderful students and wonderful art

this one is the most striking to me – these are two versions of freya. on the left, my more illustrative lesson and on the right, laura’s gorgeous response. i love the use of gold here and laura really has brought her own style to the work too. (don’t tell anyone, but i really prefer laura’s version to mine!)

wonderful students and wonderful art

here’s the lovely gaia – on the left julia’s original version with flowers and feathers, and on the right laura’s more aged and full of wisdom version. i love them both of course, but i find it endlessly fascinating how we as artists can begin with the same prompts and come away with such different pieces of art work.

wonderful students and wonderful art

and last but by no means least, halcyone. lucy’s original version is on the left, with laura’s on the right. i love the differences in composition choice on this one and the slightly bolder colours she has chosen.

it makes my heart happy to see people responding to the lessons and sharing their art with the group. it’s such a wonderful thing!

if you’d like to get in on the mixed media mythology action you still have time. the course is open for 6 months, and began on 5th january. you will be able to download and save all resources as you work through the course. you will also have access to an exclusive facebook group for feedback and support.

find out more about the course right here.

which one is your favourite from this set lovelies? let me know in the comments.

have a fantastic day!

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6 thoughts on “wonderful students and wonderful art

  1. I went to a paint/wine night once and it was so fun to see all the different pieces at the end. We were all looking at the same original piece, yet ours turned out so differently from one another.
    Fun seeing these!

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