fangirl friday: katie daisy

hi there lovelies and a very happy friday to you, wherever in the world you may be. today i wanted to share another episode of fangirl friday: katie daisy <3

every now and then i come across a website for an artist that really inspires me. today i have another one of these to share with you.

let me introduce to you katie daisy.

find her website here, her blog here and her latest book release right here.

i so love her colourful flowers and her quirky and cool photographs of her life and her studio. she is clearly an established and successful artist who has been able to create a lucrative business around creating the art she loves.

she is an inspiration to me and to any other aspiring artist! you can find her portfolio right here.

she doesn’t seem to blog often, but she has some great posts over there. i particularly love this post all about becoming a brand but retaining your soul.

i also really loved reading about her journey to where she is right now. i love to hear about how people get to where they are and the things that inspire them.

she also obviously has a wonderful eye for home decor. she has such a beautiful space.

i love this in process shot – it’s like a little glimpse into her life and her studio. almost as though you might be there in fact.

she has the kind of house i never manage to have. everything carefully curated and picked for it’s looks. i tend to be much more likely to buy what i need cheaply from second hand stores.

the reason i found daisy at all was because i discovered her upcoming book. i love everything about it – the illustrations, the sentiment, the idea of living life as a wildflower!

there’s something so fresh about everything katie seems to share. i really felt like i had stumbled onto something amazing when i found her site.

i hope you’ll enjoy visiting her too!

have a fantastic friday and a wonderful weekend peeps :)

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4 thoughts on “fangirl friday: katie daisy

  1. Her paintings are lovely! I also love the bohemian vibe of her studio space!
    Off to check out the book and thanks for sharing :) Happy Friday!

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