planning made magical

hey there lovelies and a very happy wednesday to you, wherever you may be.  :)

i have been using the lovely leonie dawson’s planner since the beginning of the new year and i can honestly say i am in love!

it’s like magic!

everything i write into my planner i achieve!

let me share some more …

planning made magical

in january i wrote down my income goal as £600. by the end of january i had earned £660 via my small business, plus an additional £900 via some local teaching i took on.

awesome right?

i have also completed a complete redesign of all of my sites, plus recording videos for an upcoming ecourse at my fastest, most efficient rate ever.

it’s so simple to use, so lovely and colourful and it really keeps me on track. i have achieved so much already in february (newsletters, video tutorials, blog posts) and i can’t wait to track how well i have done in the month of february too!

there are also sections for personal goals – simple things like doing an oracle card reading, or tapping are things i now manage to do each and every week without fail!

planning made magical

so, these are tools i would wholeheartedly recommend to you lovelies, especially if you’re a busy person trying to fit in all of the things you need to achieve in order to go in the direction of your dreams.

i am more motivated, focused and achieving so much more than ever since i began using this gorgeous planning system.

i would definitely recommend it to you my lovelies.

have a wonderfully focused wednesday people :)

ps. if you are looking for a way to head for your goals with focus and determination for free why not check out my goal setting and goal getting ebook? it is totally free and full of wonderful tips, excercises and advice.

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8 thoughts on “planning made magical

  1. Congratulations Sarah! That’s wonderful :) My stellar year was in 2013. My goal is to have similar results this year!
    I love the look of that planner!

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