self care and feeling like me

hey there lovelies and a very happy wednesday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share some thoughts with you on self care and feeling like myself.

i have written a few posts on similar topics since the new year rolled around.

one of my goals for this year is to take better care of myself.

this can mean so many things of course – taking the right vitamins to support me, learning not to beat myself up.

but for this post i am focusing on exercise.

self care

this is me, in my bedroom, in january. i took these photos to document me on an ordinary day. i also had the thought in my mind that it would be a photo i can look back on later in the year and see whether my self care goals have made a difference.

since january i have been sticking to my vitamins and other nutritional goals (yay!) but i haven’t yet found a regular exercise routine that suited me.

the thing with exercise (for me anyway) is that i can’t seem to keep it up. i completed p90x a couple of years ago, and lost quite a bit of weight. but i couldn’t carry it on once i had reached the end.

i think this is part of my yo-yoing with regards to weight.

now, i just wanted to say right away that i am not (and nor will i ever) be one of those smug exercising types who thinks everyone should be thin or in shape or whatever. i think everyone should be allowed to be who they want to be. size does not matter.

for me though, right now, i don’t really feel like myself.

self care

so, i need to find a way to fit in some exercise and start to feel more healthy. i just feel like my life is going well at the moment – i have lots of new customers, i feel as though my art and my style are really starting to come together, and i want to fit this last piece of the puzzle into place too.

so, i have tried in january with some free bellydance classes i found online (as i used to love bellydancing) but i haven’t taken to them as well as i thought i might.

then i came across piyo.

i have loved doing yoga and pilates in the past, but never felt as though i was getting somewhere. i need to see some results i think in order to keep me going.

it looks as though it will be tough, but low impact (which is great for when you’re heavier than you should be).

self care

image sourced here.

i’m not sure whether i will stick exactly to the schedule above, but i will be trying to fit in at least 4 workouts per week.

i’ll let you know here how i get on!

thanks for letting me be accountable here in this space – i think this will help me to achieve this last goal. it’s a little vulnerable to post it at all (i have always been kind of shy about photos of me anyway), but i think it’s a good step forward.

have a fantastic day lovelies!

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8 thoughts on “self care and feeling like me

  1. From you pictures there is definitely a positive change, good for you!

    I think everyone struggles with this, or at least I do. I lose weight easily, but then go back to my unhealthy habits. Recently I’ve been using a Livestrong app to track my caloric intake, it helps because for me I feel like portion control is more of an issue than the types of foods I eat. Also, I’ve been doing yoga in fits and starts for several years. I’ve been pretty consistent for the last few months, and can definitely feel my strength and flexibility improving.

  2. First of all, it’s awesome that you want to start another fitness routine! It’s part of my normal life now, but it felt like a chore for a long time. It can tough to adjust your routine to make room for it, but if you find something you love doing, it will be something you look forward to. :-)

    I’ve never heard of piyo, but I’m curious to try it! Good luck!

  3. A friend showed my piyo a little while ago and shared a few videos. It looks like fun! I know the key for me finally getting an exercise routine was actually showing up to somewhere else with other people. It costs a little more and takes a little extra time compared to staying at home and working out in the living room, but I find I put a lot more effort in and am less likely to skip/stop doing something.

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