another revamped canvas adventure

hey there lovelies and a very happy monday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you another revamped canvas adventure.

i have been really into revamping older canvasses lately – i’m not sure why exactly, but i love breathing some new life into these older pieces.

i highly recommend it!

here’s my latest revamped canvas journey – i hope it inspires you to create some art of your own :)

another revamped canvas adventure

here’s the original piece. this was one of my earliest canvasses, and i knew i really wanted to breathe new life into it. this was my first attempt at collaging!!!

another revamped canvas adventure

i started working on the background first of all. i added in lots of paynes grey and white acrylic paint. i used a combination of my sea sponge and a little pointed edge cosmetic sponge to create little flowery petal effects.

another revamped canvas adventure

here, i’ve added a layer of titan buff to my girl’s face and also added some sparkle medium in silver using a set of stencils around the edges. i’ve also added a layer of cosmic shimmer paint in coral to her hair.

another revamped canvas adventure

she’s starting to come together here! i have added in facial features to her (i think she is really pretty!) and also the rod hopeful to her dress. plus she has a little angel wing in her hair too :) collaged on from my stash of butterflies ;) i left her to dry before adding in the final details.

another revamped canvas adventure

here she is! i’ve added in lots of details here. pitt pens have defined her hair, face and dress. i’ve used my stabilo all pencil and charcoal pencil (along with a blending stump) to define her features. i’ve used my liquid pearls in her hair and on her butterfly, and added with my posca paint pen the word heartfull to her neck. white highlights were added with my white paint pen too.

if you love her new look you can find her to buy in my store right here.

i hope you enjoyed seeing this process of layers and how i pulled this piece together.

if you’d like to find links to my favourite art supplies you can find those here.

have a fantastic day!

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