friday finds: fabulous plugins

hey there lovelies and a very happy friday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you some friday finds: fabulous plugins :)

these are plugins i have used and loved and want to share with you too, just in case you haven’t yet found them.

i hope you find something here that will rock your website for you!

the first share is this wp canvas gallery plugin which i used to create the two gorgeous galleries above! it’s a great plugin – so easy to use (it lives inside your normal wordpress image uploader) and it allows you to select layouts, styles, have each image link to a different post/page and much more!

the next is a wonderful plugin that allows you to easily add design elements to your pages and posts from within your usual editing window on wordpress. it’s called wp canvas shortcodes and it allows you to add dashed lines (see above), accordions, columns and pretty little buttons like this one:

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plus many, many more things besides! it’s super useful and pretty easy to use too! i highly recommend it!

if you’ve ever checked out my free gift page here on the site and wondered how i managed to make that page have no other content (header, menu, footer) other than the gift offer itself then wonder no more. this css plugin is how i did it. it allows you to easily add css to only specific pages or posts on your site and doesn’t change anything on any of your other pages at all! super useful!

and finally for today – it’s webinar ally. it is a super affordable and super useful plugin that allows you to easily host webinars on your site. it works via google hangouts and youtube and is ridiculously easy to use. i use it for chat sessions in my creative sisterhood and have found it to be pretty flawless.

i hope these recommendations are useful to you – i have certainly found them useful in designing not just my site but others’ sites too.

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have a fantastic day lovelies!

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