what i wish i knew when i started out in this biz

hey there lovelies and a very happy wednesday to you, wherever you may be. today i am linking up with the lovely bonnie of going home to roost to share what i wish i knew when i started out in this biz.

it’s kind of like a love letter to my former self, who was just starting out on this adventurous journey.

a guide if you like to keep me on the straight and narrow.

my hope is that it will inspire and uplift you too, wherever you may be on your own journey.

dear ‘2011’ sarah

it won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it. you’ll have to be so brave. you’ll quit your day job with no real guarantees and it will be a struggle. you’ll sell a car and became a ‘one-car family’ for a while. you’ll live ‘pay check to pay check’ and struggle most of the time, and you’ll work really hard. BUT – you’ll be following your dream and loving your work and that’s what really matters. it will take time and energy to work through your blocks, your inner sabotaging beliefs, but once you do then your business will take off! your soul will be happy through it all because you’re doing what you love!

you are good enough. in a seemingly overcrowded marketplace, you’ll feel ignored to begin with. you’ll wonder if there’s room for you, and if you’ll be able to make a career from doing what you love. you’ll get overwhelmed and often jealous from looking at all the beautiful things other people are doing, and how successful they are. then you’ll realize, after doing some deep soul-searching work, there IS room for you. it doesn’t matter what others are doing, because the world is huge and there’s room for you in it. the world will open it’s arms to you, invite you in and welcome you. one of your missions will be to share this news with other’s who want to make a living from doing what they love, too.

cherish your gifts. cherish your talents. cherish you. pour yourself into your work love everything you do whilst purely creating from your heart. you’ll discover who you really are as a creative, what your main goals are and what your mission is.

sell with no ceiling. focus on things you can do that will ‘work themselves’ (i.e. generate income while you sleep). keep making your beloved mixed media art, cards and art prints, but your business will fly when things that ‘have no ceiling’ to their success come to fruition. the key to your success will hinge on this idea. focus on the the things that really light you up. above all else, let your imagination run free!

amazing things will happen! you will work A LOT in the beginning. you’ll put in huge hours while working a full time job for a few years, in order to work LESS later. in just a few years, you’ll be running your own creative business, supporting your family and staying at home with your two beautiful kitties. you’ll design a creatively magical business that allows you to do all of these things while you work 15-25 hours a week. your biggest dreams will come true, some so great you don’t even know you should be dreaming about them! you will be living you greatest creative life and be excited to ‘work’ each and every day. the future is bright and exciting!

love, ‘2016’ sarah

what would you write to your former self?

i’d love to know :)

have a fabulous day lovelies!

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8 thoughts on “what i wish i knew when i started out in this biz

  1. I love this! I started my first Etsy biz in 2009, so if I were to write to myself back then I’d recommend taking more risks. I’m just now starting to put myself out there more locally, and it’s been an awesome decision. If only I’d started doing it when I finished design school two years ago! Oh well. :-)

  2. What a wonderful letter to yourself! I’m with Paige – I’d tell myself to get out there more and not be so shy about telling people I know in real life about my business!

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