more quotes to brighten your monday

hey there lovelies and a very happy monday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you some more quotes to brighten your monday – a series of lovely quotes and thoughts from my instagram.

i love to create inspirational quotes and uplifting ideas over there – using my favourite apps of course :)

here are some of my recent faves – may they inspire and uplift you this merry monday!

more quotes to brighten your monday

my word for 2016 – fly, fly, fly! i am continuing on this journey of learning, trying new things and as always – reaching for the stars. i couldn’t live any other way :)

more quotes to brighten your monday

for me, the end of inspiration is always happiness (or at the very least more inspiration). i love that feeling you get when you’re newly inspired and raring to get started on a new project.

more quotes to brighten your monday

so. very. true. whatever our religion (or non religious persuasion) we are shaped by these experiences – whether they’re big or small. sunshine after the rain, finding a feather in our paths or full blown spiritual conversions. all are important and valid.

more quotes to brighten your monday

that’s what i did all those years ago – when i started this business and opened my store. i took a chance on those dreams i had and now they’re coming to fruition – they’re coming true. i am making a living from this creative biz of mine, and i couldn’t be happier.

more quotes to brighten your monday

what is it time for in your life right now? for me, i’m ready for the next step – the next level of success. the next milestone. the next adventure.

more quotes to brighten your monday

for me it looks like art, art and more art. video tutorials, new products, inspirational ideas and so. much. joy. how does your perfect day look?

more quotes to brighten your monday

this is so very true. courage, determination, no fear of heights. you have to be willing to keep going even when you feel like you failed. to keep trying to fly even when the drop terrifies you.

more quotes to brighten your monday

what are you ready to dive into? i am ready to dive into a relaxing summer break, coupled with some new angelic freebies here on the blog and a brand new ecourse that’s all about the angels too.

it’s exciting!

i hope these little prompts have brought you some inspiration on this day.

feel free to add your own thoughts in the comments.

have a fantastic day lovelies!

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