custom cartoons for a bridesmaid crew

hey there lovelies and a very happy monday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you  some custom cartoons for a bridesmaid crew.

i was contacted by a lovely lady called emily who wanted some special cartoons for her bridesmaids.

her choice? a day in the life cartoons.

let me share a little more about them :)

custom cartoons for a bridesmaid crew i begin with a pencil sketch, based on all of the scenes from the person’s life. here you can see champagne, tennis, and an unfortunate balloon ride :)

custom cartoons for a bridesmaid crew

then i use my unipin pen to firm up those pencil lines, and erase the pencil marks completely before i add any colour at all.

i create 6 different scenes per person (including the scene that represents the person themselves).

custom cartoons for a bridesmaid crew

and here’s one of the finished articles! it is sized to print perfectly on a4 paper and ready to be printed and framed.

custom cartoons for a bridesmaid crew

and here’s another! i think these prints look really cute and have a lovely handmade vibe to them. they are such a good idea as a bridesmaids gift – i hadn’t even thought of them that way before this order came in.

the cartoon strip is a great way to celebrate how you met your friends and all of the things you have in common.

or the cartoon strip just shows the most common hobbies and pastimes of the person you buy it for – the choice is yours!

i think these turned out really nicely – and the bride to be loved them too!

i hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek lovelies!

have a great day :)

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