angels inspire me

peace on earth colourful angel

angels hold a special place in my heart – angels inspire me. i’m not totally sure why, but i love to draw and paint them. whether it’s christmas time, summer time or any other time of year. i just love to get lost in a good angel painting. today I wanted to share with you the behind the scenes of this work in progress. this lovely colourful angel is so lovely – i am really happy with how she turned out, and i can’t wait to show you the step by step.

peace on earth colourful angel

as you can see from the very first photo, i began with a very simple sketch for my angel. i just used a 2b pencil, added in some shading and then went straight for the colour! i knew i wanted this angel to be a very vibrant and colourful addition to the world. i chose complimentary colours – purple and yellow. purple is one of my favourite colours of all time, and i love the way the yellow adds a glow to the page. i am using watercolour crayons here, plus some acrylic paints for her skin tones.

peace on earth colourful angel

as you can see, she started out quite scruffy indeed! i wasn’t worried about her slightly dishevelled appearance though – i knew i would be able to add to her and neaten her up as i worked away on her. the best thing about working with mixed media is that you are always working in layers – you don’t have to worry about getting it all right straight away. each layer takes you closer to where you want to go.

peace on earth colourful angel

here i have re introduced some of the lines and definition to her face. i am loving her peaceful expression, her closed eyes. even though she is colourful i wanted her to be peaceful too, in her own way.

peace on earth colourful angel

here i have brightened her dress, her hair and added some blush to her cheeks. i have also added in some highlights with my white acrylic paint pen. i am still working mainly with watercolours – i use crayons, pens and pencils to get the colours and consistency i am looking for.

peace on earth colourful angel

here i have used some black unipin pens to add more definition and detail, especially on her dress. you might be wondering why her wings are so blank. fear not – i have special plans for those! they’re going to be extra special and sparkly!

peace on earth colourful angel

details, details, details. more definition to her face, some lovely metallic pen details on her dress. plus my liquid pearls in her hair to give her extra bling! and, did you notice those wings? super sparkly with the aid of some gilding flakes! i love these so much! she’s really coming together now.

peace on earth colourful angel

my final step (before i left my angel to dry that is) was to add some gold sparkle medium around the edges. i used a stencil to get that lovely circular pattern around the edges of the painting. and some hearts to her dress. sparkle medium makes me so happy – it’s just such yummy stuff!

peace on earth colourful angel

and there she is all dried! i love how the little spots of sparkle really shine, as well as her gorgeous wings. she looks so happy – so peaceful. all is well in her angelic world, that’s for sure!

peace on earth colourful angel

and the final, (really final) stage was to add some stamping detail to my angel painting. i added in some texture and a frame around the edges with a script stamp, a music stamp and some lovely floral stamps. i also stamped in her christmas message “peace on earth.”

and now she’s all ready to spread some christmas cheer as an art print and as a card.

i hope you enjoyed this little peek into my process – i have definitely enjoyed getting to share it with you here.

have a great day lovelies!

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8 thoughts on “angels inspire me

  1. I love it! She definitely looks angelic. It’s so cool when you know a piece is finished. I always say, if it doesn’t feel good, it’s just not complete yet.

  2. I too feel that my “Angels” are always with me. My bedroom wall is an array of Angel pictures which always makes me feel protected.
    Thank you for sharing your Angel designs.

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