insta-art: an angel with orbs of light

hey there lovelies and a very happy monday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you some more insta-art: an angel with orbs of light <3

i love to create angels (in fact i love anything angel related really!) and this is one of 6 i created when i was over in ireland.

here i am sharing the behind the scenes shots of the work in progress. i love to see these when other artists share them, so i hope you’ll all enjoy seeing them here too :)

insta-art: an angel with orbs of light

i began by sketching her outline on the page and adding in some little orbs. i’m not totally sure where this idea came from – i just all of a sudden knew i wanted to have an angel with orbs. i used some green, silver and gold paints to add colour to the orbs themselves, mixed with a little titanium white for some dimension and texture.

insta-art: an angel with orbs of light

i used some dark hansa yellow for her hair and some teal and white for her dress. all acrylic paints.

insta-art: an angel with orbs of light

i added a wash of watercolour yellow to the background also – i wanted a nice vibrant background for this angel. i wanted her to be cheerful and colourful.

insta-art: an angel with orbs of light

i added a layer of watercolour crayon to her face – a mix of flesh tone, raw sienna and burnt umber.

insta-art: an angel with orbs of light

i added even more shading using a set of flesh tone pitt pens here too. i’ve also added her wing at this stage, giving it a watercolour shade of burnt umber (but a lighter wash).

insta-art: an angel with orbs of light

here’ i’ve collaged on the word imagine and started to add more detail. metallic dots in gold, silver and blue/green, plus some tombow marks in the hair to give it more dimension.

insta-art: an angel with orbs of light

here, i’ve defined her with pitt pen and stabilo all pencil, added some pitt pen red to her lips, some blush to her cheeks.

Fine Art Print, An Angel Surrounded by Orbs of Light.

and here she is all finished! she is available as a print in my shop right here. i just love the freshness of this angel, and the magic of the orbs surrounding her. i am also dot crazy (clearly!)

i hope you enjoyed this little peek into my process.

have a fantastic day lovelies!

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2 thoughts on “insta-art: an angel with orbs of light

  1. I too love angels – my room is filled with angel pictures, and I know they are always guiding me and keeping me out of trouble!
    Love your angel painting and the detailed steps along the way creating your “imagine” angel! It came out beautifully!

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