seeking different inspiration from the angels

hey there lovelies and a very happy wednesday to you, wherever you may be. today i am sharing some thoughts and some art all about seeking different inspiration from the angels.

i created a whole series of angels when i was in ireland, and i’m really enjoying sharing them with you all here. lots of behind the scenes shots, tips on resources alongside my own thoughts on the subject.

here goes with this lovely angel.

seeking different inspiration from the angels

she begins as a sketch. such a kind face i think – i love her already! i always sketch with my graphgear mechanical pencil and 2b lead.

seeking different inspiration from the angels

i added some shading with my watercolour crayons and a flat brush. i’ve used my blue pitt pen for her eyes and my pinkish red one for her lips.

seeking different inspiration from the angels

here i’ve experimented with a bright pink for her hair and a lovely cornflour blue for her dress. i’ve created some wings using some pale cream/white collage scrapbook papers too. she’s so cute so far – she has a kind and friendly smile.


here i’ve used some new acrylic inks in her hair and the background. i’ve gone all abstract – adding designs in squiggles to her hair and the background. i let her dry overnight completely.

seeking different inspiration from the angels

once the piece was all dry, i added a layer of peach i made by mixing neon orange and titanium white together. i etched into that then to add even more texture to her hair. i’ve also added more shading with my skin tone pitt pens.


here i’ve added a thin coat of that pthalo blue to the background. it’s a fluid acrylic so you can still see the acrylic inks shining through. i think it looks lovely!

seeking different inspiration from the angels

a bit of definition here using my graphite pencil plus some blue sparkly washi tape added to the wings. i’ve also collaged her mantra – discover different inspiration. i love that idea. whether the inspiration comes from instagram, magazines, or even new supplies. discovering new inspiration just lights me up.

seeking different inspiration from the angels

here i have added some real definition with my stabilo all pencil and my pitt pen.  i am really loving her now. time for the finishing touches.

seeking different inspiration from the angels

i’ve added dots (just by way of a change) and some extra decorations to the background. i think she looks pretty special.

Fine Art Print, Discover Different Inspiration Angel.

and here she is all done! you can buy a print of her right here. she is super sweet, kind, uplifting and inspirational.

full of cute little details and whimsy.

i hope you love her too!

have a great day lovelies!

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14 thoughts on “seeking different inspiration from the angels

  1. It truly was interesting to hear what tools you used each step of the way and to watch the transformation of this “Angel”.
    Thank you for sharing. I get inspired seeing everyone’s art here on PPF. This made me want to cut out words from magazines to write some of my dialogue on my people art.

  2. She’s beautiful Sarah, I love to see how artists create their work. It’s fascinating so thanks for sharing.
    Congratulations on being chosen for PPF this week.

  3. What makes you an artist and me a dabbler is that I would probably have thought I was finished long before you. What a delightful little angel and love the explanations of the process. Your artwork is lovely and I can see how it would be inspiring … Perhaps I will have to join in more often. Thank you, Sarah ….

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    1. You definitely should join in! It’s funny but I’ve noticed that too – the more painting I do, the more willing I am to spend more time doing more layers. Whereas at the beginning I would be too scared to do more in case I ruined it! It’s definitely a journey and a process this art business :)

  4. She has such a beautiful and kind face. I do believe I will get out my watercolor crayons and do some faces today. You are an inspiration, Sarah.

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