a curious art-cast: on self love

hey there lovelies and a very happy friday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share something a little new with you – a curious art-cast: on self love.

i have recorded a few episodes of these lately (you can find them all here).

the idea came to me after i discovered elizabeth gilbert’s magic lessons podcast.

i loved listening to it but i always find (perhaps it’s just me) that when there is only an audio component to something with no visuals my brain really finds it hard to concentrate on.

i find i miss whole chunks of information because my pesky bird brain has fluttered off.

hence – the art-cast was born!

in this first episode, you will see me creating a journal spread while i talk a little about self love.

watch carefully for the major oops moment near the end!

i do think that self-love is so very important. and not just when we’re feeling a bit down.

or if we’re feeling especially pleased with ourselves for achieving something.

it’s something to be aware of even when we’re not perfect.

it always astonishes me how hard we are on ourselves. some of our self talk we would never say to anyone else. even if we didn’t like that person.

we really need to cherish ourselves more and love ourselves no matter what.

a curious art-cast: on self love

and that major oops moment from the art-cast? that lovely gold acrylic ink was used to paint a base layer on another journal spread as well as to paint (and add glitter to!) a canvas board ready for another adventure.

so all was definitely not lost!

a curious art-cast: on self love

ta-da! no wasted paint, no reason to worry and two base layers all ready for my next arty adventure!

what could be better?

i really hope you enjoyed this art-cast episode. i will definitely be creating more of them.

have a fantastic day lovelies!

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18 thoughts on “a curious art-cast: on self love

  1. love Elizabeth Gilbert-and now even my hubby is a fan of hers:) Good job with the video, and I love your affirming art project. Happy PPF!

  2. OOhhh you fairy girl is lovely. Yes living one self and accepting who we are is most important and a daily affirmation for me. It just starts the day off a bit better. Have a great weekend.

  3. Lovely artwork!! Like you I need visuals when things are too wordy. That is why I break up my words with images throughout my blog!! It’s almost giving the brain a rest to divert from words to colour…
    It works well on your video!!

    Hugs Giggles

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