insta-art: a kitty angel

hey there lovelies and a very happy wednesday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you another instalment of insta-art: a kitty angel <3

last week i shared my first angel kitty. this week it’s time for kitty angel number 2!

insta-art: a kitty angel

i started with a simple sketch on watercolour paper, using my 2b mechanical pencil. i was going for cute, whimsical, loving and kind. i think i got it!

insta-art: a kitty angel

here i’ve added a layer of blue watercolour to the background and a layer of light grey crafters acrylic paint to the kitty. loving the cute little feathers on the end of the kitty wings :)

insta-art: a kitty angel

i just gave the kitty it’s face back a little here. it helps me to see where i am in relation to the original sketch which i painted over.

insta-art: a kitty angel

layers of paint shading here! i used acrylic paints in yellow ochre, burnt umber, burnt sienna and light blue. i also used some white acrylic as a kind of unifying layer to bring the colours together a little. i have kept the paint quite thick really and the brush marks find of represent the furriness of this kitty angel ;)

insta-art: a kitty angel

while the main kitty dries i am working on the wing, halo and background. the wing has a layer of cornflour blue acrylic paint plus some silver dots from my paint pen. (totally obsessed with dots btw!) i have also added a thin glaze of acrylic ink in metallic blue to the background. the halo is made of scrap book paper – i cut it to size and glued it down with gel medium.

insta-art: a kitty angel

here he’s pretty much done! definition to the face – check, sparkly paw prints in the background – check, halo definition and sparkle – check, definition on the feathers – check. i think he’s super cute – what do you think?

Fine Art Print, A Thoughtful Angel Cat

he’s available for adoption (as an art print) right here. how cute would he look in a baby’s nursery or a kids bedroom? watching over them while they sleep? so very cute :)

i hope you enjoyed this little peek into my process.

have a fantastic day!

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4 thoughts on “insta-art: a kitty angel

  1. hi there

    I loved watching and reading your process and how your kitty emerged. And such a beautiful kitty at that! Thanks for your generosity, sharing how you created your beautiful painting

    Kas Martin

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