a curious art cast on friends and friendships

hey there lovelies and a very happy friday to you, wherever in the world you may be. today i wanted to share with you a curious art cast on friends and friendships <3

art-casts for me are a cross between a podcast and an art journalling video. they provide a visual to help keep you listening for the wisdom in the words.

i’ve always found that my mind drifts off too much during podcasts and wanted to create something for people like me – who need something visual to capture their imagination.

hence the art-cast was born!

this instalment is all about friends and friendships. i really hope you enjoy it :)

i have frequently commented on how difficult it can be to find friends, especially as an adult. often we are too busy/pre-occupied or just too shy to initiate things.

i’ve shared in the art-cast some tips on how best to make friends and put yourself out there. i really hope the tips are helpful for you if this is something you struggle with.

here’s the finished journal spread with the two friends side by side:

a curious art cast on friends and friendships

super cute, i hope you agree!

thanks so much for stopping by and watching. you can see more of my art-cast series over on my art-casts page.

have a fab friday peeps!

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