asking people to follow your blog

hey there lovelies! i hope you’re well, wherever in the world you may be. today I wanted to tackle the thorny issue of asking people to follow your blog. this is one of those things that can drive bloggers bonkers – some people love the culture of asking for followers and some kinda hate it.
you can’t always tell what type of blogger you’ve met though when you stumble on their blog posts. here are some handy hints and tips to help you navigate your way through the minefield.
the DO list
1. keep in mind how you found their blog. if you found them via a hop, it’s ok to tell them so. something breezy like “i found your blog via the _____ bloghop” is totally fine.
2. READ THE POST YOU’RE COMMENTING ON! this is really important. it is obvious when you haven’t done this.
3. pick out something to compliment or relate to from within that post.
4. leave your link in the box provided. there’s no need to add it in the comment as well.
5. ask politely if they’d like to follow you back at the end of your (very thoughtful) comment (if you must at all).
asking people to follow your blog
the DON’T – DO list
1. leave a comment that says anything like the following: “follow me back!”
2. leave a comment that says “if you follow me i’ll follow you back.”
3. leave a comment that says “great blog – follow me back!”
4. follow people via every single platform available (twitter, pinterest, bloglovin’ etc) and tell them you’ve done so (kinda implying they should do the same). this comes across as a little bit stalker-esque!
now, there are hops where the host specifically asks you to leave a link for them to follow you back – this is obviously fine!
the key thing, and really if you do this you just can’t go wrong:
maybe even read the bloggers about page. then proceed accordingly, having got to know them a little.
if you think you don’t have time for this – may i humbly suggest you are doing your networking the wrong way. if you want to create connections and gain support from your readers you need to keep in mind the need to show respect.
what do you guys think about all of this – agree? disagree? want to hit me right now?! i’d love to know.
have a great day people!


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4 thoughts on “asking people to follow your blog

  1. On IG, someone commenting “You should check out my feed!” is just about the best way to make sure I don’t check out their feed! So annoying. I don’t tend to get many comments from random people on my blog, though, so I don’t see too much of it there. I totally agree with your suggestions, though – I try to never leave a comment without paying attention to the blog first, and there are plenty of blogs I’ve visited several times and have never commented on because I enjoyed the post but don’t feel like I have anything to add to the conversation/don’t want to look like I’m just saying “Hey, look at me!!”

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