wednesday wonders – some useful links for biz peeps

hey there lovelies and a very happy wednesday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share some wednesday wonders – some useful links for biz peeps :)

i often come across useful links and tips as i work my way through the week, and wanted to make sure i share some of these with you here.

i hope they’re useful!

first up, this great article from sarah at yes and yes. she goes through step by how to update old posts on your site and update them. i have been working my way through all of my old posts from my blogger blog and updating them in terms of yoast and seo (yawn!) and this little guide helped me a lot. i still have around 800 posts to do (but that was originally 1300 posts – so progress!) but i’m chipping away at them a bit at a time.

next, i have a video editing programme to recommend to you. people often ask in the facebook groups i’m in for recommendations for film editing software for pc’s (macs come with imovie for free and it works fabulously by all accounts). filmora is the one i recommend. i’ve been using it for ages and love how simple it is to use and how many different effects you can have. it’s fantastic and budget friendly too!

have you guys gotten into facebook live yet? i’ve done a couple of videos here and there but it requires you to have the facebook app on your phone (which i personally don’t like – way too many notifications for me!) so, i was excited to find out that there is a way to do it from your laptop! have a look at this article here.  i haven’t tried it yet (not enough hours in the day) but i plan to.

wednesday wonders - some useful links for biz peeps

another question i often see asked in mastermind groups is about which hosting to choose for wordpress websites. i really recommend siteground (aff link).  it is simple to use and set up, i’ve had barely any downtime in 3 years and the staff are friendly and helpful when you accidentally break your site with some dodgy code from google ;)

and finally for today i wanted to share a link for getting a video intro for your youtube videos. i have been wanting one for ages and finally took the plunge on fiverr.  i ordered two of them (one for intro and one for outtro). i love them. they were ready within a few short hours and look fabulous (i’ll be sharing a new video with the intro and outtro here on the blog on friday – stay tuned to see it!)

i hope these links are helpful to you – i enjoyed sharing them with you.

have a fantastic day lovelies!

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4 thoughts on “wednesday wonders – some useful links for biz peeps

  1. I haven’t tried FB live because I’m pretty sure exactly no one would watch me! It’s nice you can do it from your computer, though – way better than that annoying app.

    1. I don’t think I had that many viewers either. But hey ho! If I do get time to try this computer version I’ll have to let people know how it turned out :)

  2. Thanks for all the links for updating Blogs and posting videos. Going to check out fiverr for intro’s for videos.
    It is amazing how many sites there are out there – and I am sure more to come.

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