come rent a book from the curious library!

hey there lovelies and a very happy monday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to invite you to come rent a book from the curious library :)

i completed work on this fabulous and free resource library just last week, and i’d love it if you’d become a member!

it is chock full of ebooks, ecourses, video tutorials, pdf’s and so much more – all designed to be helpful to bloggers, artist, creative souls and anyone who is curious about how i do all of the (many, many) things i do!

come rent a book from the curious library

let’s go through all that’s available:

i’ve divided the library into three sections, to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

the first section is blogging, website and shop setup.

this includes my bloggers bundle (with step by step instructions on creating a blog you love, plus lots of wordpress and woocommerce video tutorials), my creating space at work ebook (which tells you how i build my blog whilst working full time in the beginning) and lots more besides.

you can access everything in this one convenient spot – perfect for busy entrepreneurs, small business owners and anyone looking to set up a creative biz or blog.

the second section is art and creativity.

here you will find my goddess gifts bundle (all about planning, painting and drawing like a goddess) plus mini ecourses to help you journal with purpose and allow creativity to heal your soul. there are art tutorials, mini angelic projects, video tutorials, free patreon goodies and more.

again – a little one-stop creativity shop! except it’s all free! yay!

the third and final section is all about living a curious life.

here you’ll find my living more intentionally mini e-course, some feline wisdom in a gorgeous ebook, tips on goal setting, finding the time and so much more.

get your free gift

it’s a fantastic free resource for anyone who is interested in art, creativity, blogging, building a website and living a curious life whilst doing so.

sign up below to get your hands on yours!

come rent a book from the curious library

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have a fantastic day lovelies!

ps. you’ll also get access to a fabulous facebook community too!

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