morning pages: lovely and floral

hey there lovelies and a very happy friday, wherever in the world you may be. today i wanted to share another episode of morning pages: lovely and floral :)

i love to work in my art journal. it soothes me and feels accessible, even when i am not feeling quite so inspired to produce a full on piece of saleable art.

it’s wonderfully freeing to accept that not everything i create has to be a finished piece or a saleable item.

in fact it’s vital.

anyhoo, sit back with a cuppa and watch this lovely spread appear in front of your eyes :)

i hope you enjoyed this episode. i love to film and edit these for you, for sure. it’s quite relaxing recording these and sharing them. even dding in the music at the editing stage is a calming experience.

here’s the finished page, just in case you want to see it up close ;)

morning pages: lovely and floralmorning pages: lovely and floral

i was experimenting here with watercolour pencils and paints and metallic pens and doodles and everything!

dots, dots and more dots. i do love to add dots to pretty much everything i create! dots in metallics, in glitter, in white. just lots of lovely decorative dots!

i loved creating the dreamy background and the floral designs. so simple and yet so very cute.

i hope you enjoyed watching it unfold! if you’d like to see more of these videos, head on over to my art-casts page :)

have a fantastic friday!

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pps. if you want to work more deeply with me and unleash your inner creative magic then the sisterhood would be perfect for you.

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12 thoughts on “morning pages: lovely and floral

  1. Watching your video so relaxed me! And inspired me to get up and make something. Thanks for taking the time to make this and share. Lovely!

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