my vision wall

hey there lovelies and a very happy wednesday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share my vision wall with you all.

this is something i do every year, around the same time as i set my word of the year too. it is like a vision board (i have those too!) but on a larger scale.

let me share it with you.

my vision wall

my word of the year is love – hence the wall being full of the word and as many hearts as i could find! i have a lovely chalk board (in the shape of a cat of course) that is full of affirmations that link up to my word. my focus of the year is self-love and healing, so i chose “you are enough” “embrace yourself” “be loving and kind to you” among other things.

my vision wall

plus lots of hearts filled with hope and with the names of my curiously gorgeous sisters. i wanted to honour my curious community here on the wall, as it is such a huge part of my life and part of my vision for my life too. i love it there!

my vision wall

i also have my word of the year art, which is the creative challenge for january for my sisters too. i loved creating this. it was almost meditative for me. as i played with my supplies and splashed the paint around. it was such a good way to cement and affirm my word and keep it right at the forefront of my mind.

i love this practice – the wall is right next to my art desk and is something i see all of the time. it reminds me, supports me and keeps me focused on what i truly want. i have a tendency to get distracted by other shiny things otherwise ;)

do you have a vision wall? feel free to share your intentional practices in the comments too.

have a fantastic day :)

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pps. if you want to work more deeply with me and unleash your inner creative magic then the sisterhood would be perfect for you.

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