my oracle card reading for 2017

hey there lovelies and a very happy monday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share with you my oracle card reading for 2017 :)

i do these every year, using my leonie dawson planner, and really love to reference them as i work through the year itself.

here are some snaps of my reading and my thoughts on the process – enjoy!

my oracle card reading for 2017

of course, it goes without saying that close feline supervision is necessary for such a task! here’s princess darla keeping an eye on me as i do my reading for my life workbook. i chose to use my new oracle of the shapeshifters deck by lucy cavendish. january’s card was beauty and the beast. the line of the description that struck me most was “Seek your connection to the divine and to love.” it goes so well with my word of the year, and feels like a great beginning <3

my oracle card reading for 2017

here are some more of the cards i pulled. i love the designs and the whimsical nature of the cards and characters they represent. i’m really glad i got these cards after all!

my oracle card reading for 2017

of course, not to be outdone – laird ambrose had to come over for a looksee too. he seems very intrigued by the cards and is clearly wondering when it is his turn to pick one/knowck them all over the floor ;)

my oracle card reading for 2017

for my biz oracle reading i used my new chakra cards. i really love these cards too! i am learning more and more about chakras, crystals and really enjoying what i am learning along the way. for january my card was 6th chakra – purple: forgiveness. which is so relevant to me now, both in biz and life. <3

my oracle card reading for 2017

and finally, here is a close up of the two decks. they are both new to me ( i made sure to charge them with my energies and bless them before i used them). i think they are an excellent choice though, and really feel that their wisdom will support me through the year and beyond.

if you want to check out these decks (or the workbooks) too you can do – here they are on amazon/leonie’s site (aff links):

shapeshifters oracle

chakra oracle

leonie dawson planner

have a fantastic day people!

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2 thoughts on “my oracle card reading for 2017

  1. Those decks/books look very interesting! And, of course, kitty supervision (or “snoopervision!”) is needed. Kitties need to keep a close eye on everything!

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