book review: uncharted

hey there lovelies and a very happy monday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share another book review: uncharted with you all :)

i have been reading this one since after christmas and have found it fascinating and beautiful in equal measure.

book review: uncharted

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this book takes you on a journey through the realms, the soul and the mind. it makes you question everything you thought you knew then explains it all again to you.

colette is such a natural funny girl. she combines all of this wonderful mystical information with such a sense of humour. just wait til you meet fred – there’s more than one of him ;)

i loved journeying through this book. it is full of practical exercises you can do to help you explore the different realms and just reconnect with your own inner wisdom. things you may never have know you knew.

it’s wonderful!

i highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to live a more conscious and intentional life. who wants to understand life’s energy more clearly. who wants to live their life according to their soul’s higher purpose.

it takes you deep into the vortex of all of those things.

have you guys read any great books lately? i’d love to know :)

have a fantastic day lovelies!

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