Celebrate Each Milestone – Big and Small

Celebrate Each Milestone – Big and Small

hey there lovelies and a very happy wednesday to you, wherever you may be. today i wanted to share a lovely guest post with you from mikayla. enjoy!


Every time you achieve something, big or small, it is a milestone. Celebrate each milestone because the universe loves good vibes and positive energy.

These are important feelings, that once you recognise and acknowledge them, you can create more of these feelings. We have all heard the saying that you create more of the thoughts that you think. So therefore, if you think happy thoughts, you will create more happy thoughts and these happy thoughts will make you smile creating an upward spiral.


The more you smile, the more you will want to smile. The more celebrations you have, the more you will have to celebrate. Let the creative juices flow during these times. When you allow yourself to be present, you smell the air, see a flower, hear the sounds of nature and then you have created just a little bit of space between your past and present. This moment of clearing your mind and enjoying a moment of appreciation is all about living in the present.

When you are in the flow of spiritual awakening and enlightenment the universe gives you feedback and it’s up to you to take notice. The road signs are there to show you the way. You wouldn’t drive with your eyes shut, so why go through your day with your eyes shut?

The universe gives you a hint and directions, it’s up to you to take notice! My sign from the universe is a blue butterfly and I call it a calm cue sign.

A Calm Cue Sign

A calm cue sign is a visual reminder to be more aware, quieten your mind, be in the present moment, and live in the NOW. The present is a gift that is why it is a ‘present’. Even being present for a few seconds is mindfulness, and stops the chaos of chronic overthinking, so when you stop thinking and become more aware, you are already using a powerful mindful meditation technique.

When I see a blue butterfly I…

Celebrate Each Milestone - Big and Small

Your calm cue sign is a visual clue to the bigger picture of your life journey. Your sign is about a feeling. I really don’t think it matters what you choose for a calm cue sign; rather, it’s about how the sign makes you feel. Thoughts that make you feel good can decrease your stress level, and feeling good when you see your calm cue sign will mentally and physically help you.

Plant The Seeds of Happiness

When I see a weed and notice that it has grown a flower, it makes me smile and I appreciate it. Happiness is a feeling that you create with your mind. Your ego may step in and say ‘hey it’s just a weed’, but what harm is it to ignore that thought, stop labelling it as a weed and see the glow around the flower as a gift from the universe. I like to think that the flower is there just for me to see and appreciate.

Take a frangipani tree for example. You can cut off a branch, leave it to dry out for a few months, plant what seems to be a dead branch, in the ground and very soon you have a new tree. One small branch that looked like it was almost due to be composted, had everything it needed to grow into another tree. Roots start to grow and ground themselves in the soil, the top starts to form leaves, from the middle of the leaves buds turn into flowers. Every day, it gets stronger and stronger, taller and taller, bigger and bigger. It doesn’t listen to any naysayers saying that it is only a dead branch. It just knows that it has everything it needs to be a great strong tree.

Just like any seed that you plant, it will do what it is meant to do and grow. Every plant started small, held strong and took tiny steps each day.

Each day at night when the relief of the hot sun disappears and the moon appears, I like to think that the trees rest and rejoice in just being there. They celebrate each day and how much they grew. Wouldn’t that be a nice feeling if you did the same? What can you celebrate today? Did you smile at a stranger? Did you help someone? Did you not shout at your kids? Did you do a good dead for someone? Did you stroll in nature?

Celebrate each milestone, allow the moon to rest and rejuvenate you and be grateful.

Follow your little inner voice, otherwise known as your instinct. Each step backwards brings you one step closer to your dream and desires. Turn it around to a forward step and keep going.

Enjoy the ride of life including the detours, they are there to teach us. See a butterfly, smile, and just be. Quiet time allows answers to come.

Celebrate each milestone. Keep going, keep growing.

Love Mikayla

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