cat room wishlist

hey there lovelies and a very happy monday to you, wherever in the world you may be. today i wanted to come out of moving hiding and chaos to share with you my cat room wishlist :)

moving house is such hard work – it’s a frustratingly slow process and then all of a sudden it’s a rush. you are filled with uncertainty around exchange and completion dates and all manner of other things.

so it’s nice sometimes to take time out to daydream about the little things you’re going to enjoy doing once you get moved in (as opposed to dreading packing yet more boxes or washing out another cupboard – yawn!).

today i am sharing my plans for the smallest bedroom in the new house – the room which will be the cat’s room officially. here’s how it looks right now:

cat room wishlist

a lovely sunny kids room, soon to be transformed into a haven for kitties :) we will have all of their toys available to them, their current beds on different levels and these lovely new things too!

cat room wishlist

of course they’ll need a full size post with beds, hammocks, dangly toys and more. they love their current one, although it’s not as big as this one (certainly not as tall anyway).

cat room wishlist

they will also love having their very own sofa to lounge on too. i can imagine they’ll enjoy scratching at the arms a bit too (perhaps that will save our real sofas from the same fate!)

cat room wishlist

and why have one post when you can also have an extra fluffy white one to range on too. they’ll love this one i think and will spend many happy hours playing to their hearts content.

they have so many toys already that are packed away – i think this new room will look fantastic once it’s ready for them.

they’ll have some toys in other parts of the house too of course.

i really hope they’ll love it once we have it ready for them :)

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have a fantastic day lovelies!

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