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hey there lovelies and a very happy day to you, wherever in the world you may be. today i wanted to share with you the second of three free gifts for this week – my be creative free challenge.

i have been plotting and planning this whilst work continues on my new studio space – it’s going to be so much fun!

we will have 5 days together of lots of creative fun – you’ll be encouraged to see creativity in a totally new light. and you’ll be encouraged to make time for creativity, no matter your circumstances.

here are the days details, just to give you an idea what to expect :)

day 1

temporary creative spaces. i know from my own recent experience moving house how hard it can be to create when you don’t have a space of your own. i’m going to share some tips and ideas to help you be creative no matter where you are :)

day 2

creative homes. i think a lot of the time people don’t make time for creativity because they expect it to be or look a certain way. creativity doesn’t have to mean painting. it can be quilting, co-ordinating colours in your home and so much more!

day 3

creative dress. taking pride in your appearance is also a creative act! it can make you feel better, give you a sense of self worth and really enhance your day. i’ll be sharing some of my own inspirations to get me to be connecting with my creative clothing muse with you on this day.

day 4

digitally creative. i’ll be sharing my favourite creative apps and showing you how i use them in my life and biz.

day 5

journalling for all. i will share lots of ideas for how to start creatively journalling with you, no matter who or where you may be.

be creative

there will be creative video tutorials, a creative mojo meditation, live videos via our facebook group and a whole host of creative inspiration via email too.

there’ll be lots of inspiration to get your new year off to the most creative start possible.

and it’s all completely free!

we begin on january 8th, and i really hope you’ll join us. simply sign up to my newsletter list below and you’ll get everything you need via email.

you’ll also get access to my curious circle sisterhood and facebook group and my curious library of gorgeous resources too!

be creative

have a wonderful day lovelies!


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