creative colouring: hippies and wishes

creative colouring: hippies and wishes

hey there lovelies and a very happy monday to you, wherever in the world you may be. today i wanted to share with you another episode of creative colouring: hippies and wishes <3

this week’s colourable doodles are all about hippies, magic wands and wishes – i really hope you love them!

creative colouring: hippies and wishes

simply click on the picture banner above to view, download and print your printable colouring page. it is sized to print perfectly onto standard printer paper. you can even add some thicker card and break out the paints and sparkles if you like!

if you’re looking for even more colouring goodies you can check out all of the posts in this series right here. or why not check out my mandala colouring pages too!

looking for even more creative inspiration today? why not check out my art cast page? there are lots of lovely inspiring art journal videos over there. plus some uplifting words of wisdom from me too!

there’s so much to inspire you over there, and it is all free!

have a fantastic day lovelies!

ps. if you want to  truly unleash your inner creative magic and ignite your soul self then the sisterhood would be perfect for you. And you get 30% off membership during January!

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