Mandala Monday – Colouring is SO Relaxing!

Mandala Monday - Colouring is SO Relaxing!

Hey there lovelies and a very happy Monday to you, wherever in the world you may be. Today I wanted to share another episode of Mandala Monday – Colouring is SO Relaxing! <3

I do find that all forms of creativity and art making are really relaxing – they’re almost like a form of meditation!

I get my best ideas when I’m painting away (and I often have to stop and write them down for future use!). There’s a special kind of magic that happens in your brain when you’re creating – all of the chatter and clutter melts away and you’re free to be truly yourself.

Mandala Monday - Colouring is SO Relaxing!

Simply click on the picture banner above to view, download and print your free Mandalas. I really hope you enjoy colouring them and get the same gorgeous hit of calming energy that I get whenever I’m being creative.

It’s such a wonderful way to spend some quality self care time – I know you’ll agree with me if you manage to try it out!

Something Special For May

Whilst we’re talking about creativity – have you seen this wonderful offer I have for you this May? You’re going to love it (and your stress levels and blood pressure will thank you for signing up to it!)

During May if you join my online creative community The Curiously Gorgeous Sisterhood, I’ll also send out, at no extra cost, a gorgeous Aura Angel painting direct to your door. It will depict your very own angel with your aura, energy, a message from your guide and your soul’s footprint on this earth.

It’s a fantastic offer and not one to be missed – I promise you that you’ll be your most creative, content and happy self as a member of my community.

Head on over to the CGS page to find out all about it!

Have a fantastic day lovelies!


ps. Make this year your most creative ever – Join The Sisterhood!

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2 thoughts on “Mandala Monday – Colouring is SO Relaxing!

  1. Yay, coloring! My mom got us a few coloring page bookmarks that will help hold us over until our things arrive in a couple of months.

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