Work It – Let Your Changes Work For You

Hey there lovelies and a very happy Friday and a happy new month you, wherever in the world you may be! Today I wanted to share with you another gorgeous art video entitled  Work It – Let Your Changes Work For You :)

I know how hard it can be first of all to make any changes and try new things. Sometimes it can actually be literally scary to step outside of our comfort zones at all.

In this video you’ll see me creating in a totally different style to how I usually paint – using my supplies in new ways and really trying to branch out. I really hope you enjoy it!

And here is the finished piece up close:

Work It – Let Your Changes Work For You

She is so very different and so much fun too! It is hard for me to try new things and to change up what I do (as it is for everyone) but it can be so rewarding to do that. You learn new things, you try new things, you let go of any ruts you might be stuck in without even knowing it. It’s perfect!

I originally shared this tutorial (the full length version with step by step instructions) with my Sisterhood members and Patrons back in March. Both options are beautiful ways to get more creativity into your life and to make sure you’re growing, shining and thriving fully as a creative soul.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek behind the scenes – share with me one thing you might try differently in your art in the comments. I’d love to know!

Have a great day!


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12 thoughts on “Work It – Let Your Changes Work For You

  1. beautiful canvas- I love all that red wild hair and the affirmation too! i do have my favorite styles and go to’s but I also love to try different things. Some are happy surprises:) Thanks for sharing the video too, and happy PPF!

  2. I agree – new/different is both scary and rewarding! Also sometimes frustrating, but that’s how you learn. I’ve been using a couple of watercolor crayons lately and I’m still figuring them out, but enjoying the process.

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