Don’t Miss This: Pay What You Want Pricing on my Newest Offers!

Hey there lovelies and a very happy Wednesday to you, wherever in the world you may be. Today I wanted to share with you some exciting news – Don’t Miss This: Pay What You Want Pricing on my Newest Offers!

I have been looking at the different offerings I have and wondering how I could reach and help more lovely women to connect with their inner creative awesome.

I know first hand just how healing inviting art into your life can be. I’d love for other women to experience that breath of fresh air for themselves.

Often, the two biggest blocks to creativity are money, time and inspiration. Not having the money to pay for courses, not having the time to trawl Youtube for free offerings that match what you want and not really being able to just sit down and start all by yourself.

That was the exact same situation I faced when I first started to make art. Too many blocks were in my way!

Not to mention my own inner blocks – they were just far too prominent in my mind.

Don’t Miss This: Pay What You Want Pricing on my Newest Offers

I have four lovely options for women looking for creative inspiration that are all now pay what you can. My hope is that these affordable online art classes will allow lots of lovely women to allow themselves to be just as arty as they want to.

Here’s a little more about each offering:

Creative Soul Sessions

Why not try an awakened meditation – it could be just the thing your soul is longing for.

Breathe and Relax

Let Art Into Your Heart

Let this ECourse guide you to a better emotional state. Art can truly heal you and allow you the space to breath.

Be Healed

Silence Your inner Critic

Say goodbye to your inner critic and create much more freely!

Be Free

Creativity Calling

Come get your creative inspiration each and every month with ease from as little as $1 per month!

Get Inspired

I hope there’s something here that catches your eye and encourages you to finally take the leap into a more creative way of life.

I absolutely guarantee you won’t regret taking that step.

Have a fantastic day lovelies!


ps. Nurture your creative soul – Join The Sisterhood!

pps. For pay as you go creativity and inspiration at a price you can afford easily – why not become a patron.

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