The Extra Special ECourse Bundle – Grab A Bargain

The Extra Special ECourse Bundle – Grab A Bargain

Hey there lovelies and a very happy Wednesday to you, wherever in the world you may be. Today I wanted to share an exciting great offer with you – The Extra Special ECourse Bundle – Grab A Bargain :D

I think I actually might have melted my brain in the sun – this is such a low price high value offer. It’s definitely my most special offer at the moment.

You get access to a whole library of ECourses and Meditations for only £45 (Approx $59)!!

That’s 13 whole courses and a set of 30 Awakened Meditations.

Lifetime access.

That’s insane value!

The full price for this bundle is £390 (Approx $515)!!!

And you get it for just £45!!!!


I am using far more exclamation marks than is necessary, but you can probably see why!

It’s literally a no-brainer for you. Your own personal library of fantastic arty inspiration at such a low price. It’s the deal of the day!

Head on over to my dedicated page to find out all about what courses you get and make sure to bag your set.

The offer ends on July 6th at midnight – so there’s no time to waste!

find out more

You most definitely won’t regret signing up for this offer lovelies – it’s the most amazing special offer filled with a huge amount of creative me-time activities and ideas that are perfect for you.

Have a fantastic day lovelies!


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pps. For pay as you go creativity and inspiration at a price you can afford easily – why not become a patron.

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