Welcome to Autumn and a FREE Gift!

Welcome to Autumn and a FREE Gift!

This lovely musical print full of Autumnal orange is available right here.

Hey there lovelies and a big warm (or slightly chilly!) Welcome to Autumn and a FREE Gift!

How are you all? I really hope you had a great Summer break and that you’re looking forward to this my personal favourite season.

I had a lovely break (although I did a LOT of things too!) and feel ready to get back to being here online and really working hard on my business!

Let me see if I can catch you up with all of the changes since I last posted here:

  • The website name has changed and it’s been spruced up! Now Art Lessons for You is a go, and I think it’s much more google-able (if that’s even a word). It’s also much more obvious what I offer here for new visitors too!
  • I have let go of and simplified a lot of things. My shop now focuses on art only, my Etsy store is no more, and lots of the smaller, individual offers have been archived. It feels like such a breath of fresh air for me – hopefully you guys will be able to find your way around more easily too!
  • I have created a brand new website with lots of resources for my music students. It was super fun recording videos and putting it all together. If you live in the Hull area I could be teaching you music too!
  • I have updated all of my social media to match the changes here. That was a big one that took me ages! Lots of redoing images, changing the smallest of things and trying desperately to remember everything!

Phew! And really there were sooo many smaller steps behind all of those big changes that I could write a whole series of posts and still not be done with them! For now, I’ll leave you with just those.

I hope you like the changes made as I made them not just for me, but also for you too!


Another change is happening here on the blog. I have decided to be a bit looser with my posting and not so rigid. Before I was posting 3 times per week every week. From now on I’ll post every Friday for definite a new art post, and then allow myself to blog when called on other days.

I am hoping this will allow me to make more time for my business and other ideas (as I have so many!) and also mean that the posts here are as good and as useful as they really can be!


Now that I’m back, here are my recommendations for you to check out:

My Creating Space to Work on Your Biz ECourse begins this month. It’s a six month journey to help you make time and space for creating your own business no matter how busy your life may be.

I’ll share the things that worked for me and my own biz, and also share lots of great resources and ideas that will help you get to where you want to go with your business much faster.

arrow 1You can sign up for the course here and get the whole 6 months for £74  ($98).

arrow 1Or you can join the Sisterhood and get the course as part of your membership (along with a whole host of other courses and inspiration too!). Plus the Sisterhood has a pay by instalments option to make it super easy!

I hope this post catches you up, answers any questions, and gives you some inspiration too!

Now, how’s about that free gift I promised?!

Hey there lovelies and a big warm (or slightly chilly!) Welcome to Autumn and a FREE Gift! How are you all?

I am gifting you a lovely set of pink and sparkly and happy quote images for you to download, print, share on social media – whatever you like really. Simply click on the pink sparkly  picture right next to these words to get yours.

You can use these and share them on Instagram or Facebook. You can print them and leave them as little pick me ups in your local area.

You can really use them however you like! And don’t forget to send some of your friends over to this post to download their own copies too!

Here’s to a special September and an Awesome Autumn for all of us!

Have a great day lovelies!


ps. Create with me online from the comfort of your own home.

pps. Come to my art studio and create with me in person.

sign off pic


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